Malawi enacted the Workers Compensation Act in the year 2000 which means that over 20 years have gone by without the worker’s Compensation fund being established making it the only country in the SADC region without this fund. For the first time in history however, government has allocated resources towards the establishment of the workers compensation fund and today the 4th March 2022, with support from the ILO. I engaged business captains, ECAM as well as MCTU members in Blantyre to discuss governance issues of the fund and how employers can actively participate in its operations. Employers in malawi have for a long time lamented regarding the losses they had incurred due to fraudulent claims and lawsuits to their entities. Employees on the other hand had been complaining about delays in the processing of compensation as well as inadequate compensations for serious cases that led to permanent incapacity. Coupled with the fact that funds from these were in form of a one off lump sum, beneficiaries would be rendered destitute after the funds have been depleted especially in cases where the person can no longer work due to injuries incurred. The workers compensation fund will provide period payments for life for beneficiaries and employees shall be assured of compensation even after the company they worked for has closed shop.

Vera Kamtukule, Ministry of Labour

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