I was honored to attend the graduation ceremony for Darlo Girls’ Foundation for the class of ‘22. Girls come close to my heart. And it is my mission to impact as many girls as possible in my lifetime. When the invitation came, I made time to attend and share an important message with the girls. Not only that I gave each graduate a book I wrote titled “Made to bloom”. This book is special and I wrote it for all those that want to achieve their purpose and bloom right where they are. My message to the graduates this morning was simple “know who you are”. And this message is not only for young girls but everyone that wants to achieve beyond the status quo.Achievement of any dream or quest is a function of an accurate definition of who you are you. When you know who you are it is easy for you to stay in your lane and pursue your God given purpose.When you know who you are, you will realize that, everything about you is exactly what God intended for you to accomplish a specific purpose. God made you in that way because it is only you that can do exactly what he intended you to do on this planet. So today I want you to know that you will bloom and flourish right where you are, because God has already given and equipped you for that special assignment and purpose.

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