Did you know, Bonya can be a pesticide?

Meet Clement Taonani, of Nthawi Farms. Clement is a 100 % organic farmer, meaning no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used on his farm.

Clement started his farming business from scratch and has now 74 acres of farm land, a farm house, maize mill and a demonstration farm where people learn modern agriculture.

He is also an employer of 5 Graduates from LUANAR that manage his farm operations in horticulture, animal production, and land management. Aside from that he has over 70 permanent employees currently working on the farm in different departments.

His idea of using organic fertilizer and bio char is what is most unique about him. He is a marvel and a true inspiration. The embodiment of agriculture commercialization and industrialization the Malawian way.

Ministry of Labour correspondent: Chris Tcheleko




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