WHEN YOU ARE 40………..

1. You usually look within for inspiration and you stop hunting for external validation
2. You never look down on anyone who still has breathe in them because greatness was never patented to a family, country or tribe; you realize that your help can and may come from anyone
3. You consider everyday a special occasion and count yourself blessed; and that to leverage on your time, you must forever be present
4. You recognize that obsession, be it on people or material things, is a deadly disease
5. You are more concerned with what you can do; rather that what others should have done. You always know that when you swim against the tide, you only have one option; swim on or drown!
6. You realize that it is a privilege rather than a right for you to have all you do and because of that, you are never defined by your accolades but you inspire the next generation by sharing the best parts of you
7. You are more conscious of your health and what your body needs knowing that you were made exactly that way for a reason and that some things will only be made possible when you are physically sound
8. You know that your life is a product of your imagination meaning that your mind can and does create your reality; believing that to be true, you never, think any less of yourself
9. You understand things better especially those you took for granted, death no longer scares you especially if you are living within your purpose
10. You are never quick to draw conclusions as sometimes, things are just as they appear
11. You not only learn from your mistakes, you do all you can so that others don’t fall for the same trap
12. You deliver truth regardless of the consequences that may follow because you understand that silence would hurt you and others more
13. You do what must be done within a specified time and never make excuses for inaction
14. You let go of those things you can never have control over and you forgive easily; you are also never afraid to be vulnerable when the situation demands it
15. You understand you are just one person, and accept that there are so many things you can never do; you however rejoice with the skills/talents you have been blessed with

16. You are never intimidated by other people’s progress; as you consider jealousy a deadly emotion as a viper’s venom and dare I add, toxic for humanity
17. You can spot negative vibes from a distance and while you cannot control other people’s actions, you can control what you expose yourself to
18. You appreciate those in your life, accept new ones and know exactly when to let go of others too; and you do so without feeling browbeat about it
19. You recognize the contribution of others to the person you are today. You celebrate your own uniqueness and achievements but without necessarily rubbing it into people’s faces
20. You realize that life is a gift and not a game and with each passing day, you are drawing a little bit closer to the end, you thus live purposefully, pausing and reflecting on a daily basis

21. You are exceedingly grateful for when others step up for you and take advice without prejudice; however, you never give access to everyone to speak into your life
22. You anchor those without a voice without expecting anything in return; but you never sound a gong when you do so
23. You know that there is more to life than your own needs; you always think about the common good especially when faced with an opportunity to be greedy, you realize that you already have all you need to be happy
24. You know that while sharks are born swimming; you can always learn anything you want midway and change the trajectory of your life (I come from the lakeside but only learnt how to swim at 37!)
25. You know that when they say you cannot do this and that, you go on and do it anyway, rendering their opinions nugatory. Sometimes condemnation does not necessarily mean you were wrong
26. You take your most mind-numbing problems to God knowing that He is faithful and just to deliver without fail; than when you rely on your feeble wisdom
27. You have a firm grip of who you really are and you make calculated moves as you go; always powered by the will to forge ahead
28. You may hold strong opinions over certain issues, but you never impose them on anyone; because perception is often individuated; and so is truth
29. You realize that it is actually slothful cowardice to start up fights you can never win; your energy is always invested in gain
30. Your purpose in life remains your guiding immutable principle in spite of your situation; your experience remains in the past and you draw motivation from future prospects

31. You stop being contrary to things you are not an authority in and give respect where it is due
32. You take responsibility for your actions and never invalidate other people’s feelings
33. You value family more; because they are and forever will remain your backbone
34. You know that there is no need to be vague about what you want or desire; you say it in the simplest way possible
35. You never engage in meaningless competition with people who do not even know you are competing
36. You use your predatory instincts to navigate tricky situations; sometimes the answers to complications are closer than you think
37. You are remarkably sure of your destiny and you thus live each day as though you have already arrived
38. You expressly remember the people in your life and let them know how much they mean to you on the regular; especially when you have lost one too many like I have
39. You no longer act with impunity when you are called out for something that went wrong
40. Lastly, you accept that it is a scientific impossibility for you to be anyone else but YOU; authenticity is an impeccable allure!

Now, to the fourth floor; I gladly go……

“He’ll complete in detail what He’s decided about me,and whatever else He determines to do”. Job 23:14 | MSG

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