Today I was in Kafukule, Mzimba district presiding over the graduation of over 300 youths that had undergone training in different trades under the Informal skills development program. I was joined by officials from Teveta, Ministry of Labour, traditional leaders as well as Honorable Billy Kaunda who is Member of Parliament of the area. Skills are paramount in as far as the development of a country is concerned. And we can not talk about MW2063 or the MIP 1 if we can not talk about skills development. This is why we have focused on taking skills development to the rural areas in order to address the skills gap that is there among the youths. I am glad to see the number of youths that have graduated and their amazing knowledge base. These youths will not only change the status of their families in terms of capacity to earn but also will change the dynamics of the community. Instead of having the youths leave their community in search of jobs they will be able to setup and start earning within their community.

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