Today I had the pleasure to visit Biwi Industrial Site. Biwi industrial site is among the first industrial sites established way back in the 70’s and has since housed a lot of our skilled workers and businesses. My visit was not short of awe of the skills, workmanship, and talent that Biwi has to offer. The value chain in Biwi is so big that the site supports itself and money moves within. Not only that the number of jobs, created both formally and informally is just outstanding. Most of our Tevet graduates are being absorbed into the industrial site. And that alone brings joy to my heart. When I visited Biwi Triangle today, I noticed how well their committee is organized and is pushing for a better working environment and support from government. With the little they have they are able to do so much and I am impressed. They have a lot of challenges that need addressing. Many that have been there because of lack of collaboration between stakeholders and the players in the site. Though my ministry may be limited on what we can do for Biwi Triangle, I am sure we can bring stakeholders together to bring back the glory of the site. That is why I have tasked my officials from Labour and other officials from Teveta to work with the committee and set a stakeholders meeting so we can together raise the standards of our industry. Achieving the MW2063 will not be a one man’s job but a collective effort of different stakeholders.

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